1 Billion Crypto Users Projected by 2030, Study Shows

According to a joint study of Bitget, Boston Consulting Group and Foresight Ventures (BCG), the number of cryptocurrency users worldwide will exceed 1 billion by 2030.

Research data indicates that only 4% of retail investors put $300 million of their assets into the crypto market.

Institutional investors can dedicate 2% of their portfolio to the crypto market.

Research shows that 25% of investors allocate 25% to stocks. Only 0.3% is allocated across all asset classes.

But, due to the growth of the Internet, the number of cryptocurrency users will reach 1 billion by 2030.

There are only 200 million cryptocurrency users worldwide at the moment.

It was also revealed that venture capital firms and hedge funds are the most open to investing in the crypto market.

Given the huge capital inflows, VCs have been closely monitoring the crypto space. They invested $30 billion in 2021, for example. The exposure of venture capital and hedge funds nearly doubled between the fourth quarter 2020 and the last quarter 2021. It reached $70 billion.

Venture Capital (VC), firms are continuing to penetrate the crypto sector given that they have pumped $17 billion this year.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase Global Inc CEO, stated that there would be 1 billion users of cryptocurrency within the next ten years.

“My guess is that in 10-20 years, we’ll see a substantial portion of GDP happening in the crypto economy,” Armstrong spoke.

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