26 handy tools to optimize your Crypto and DeFi investment 

You can choose to start exploring crypto or to trade based on crypto trends. Or you could be a diverse investor looking for a more holistic solution. We promise you there is a great tool for you.  

Crypto tools refer to all products and services that help investors manage, monitor, and build their cryptocurrency holdings. These tools can help investors track the value of crypto investments and make informed buying and selling decisions to meet their financial goals. Others focus more on the investing aspect with exchange integrations that allow their users to actively trade in one or more cryptocurrencies. Some, however, can be a combination of both. 

We organized the list of tools into the following categories: 
  • Yield Farm Discovery 
  • Yield Farm Tracking 
  • AltCoin Price Tracking 
  • DEX Pairs Price Tracking 
  • Crypto Event Tracking 
  • Portfolio Tracking 
  • Market & Wallet Data Watch and Analysis Tools 
  • ETH Layer 2 Research tool 
  • Safety, Safety, Safety 


Yield Farm Discovery:


1. Coindix

Twitter: @0xCoindix 

Web: http://coindix.com 

Find the best yield farms for your crypto investment. 


2. Staking Rewards

Twitter: @StakingRewards 

Web: http://stakingrewards.com 

Check Staking reward rate and comparisons. 


3. Beefy.finance

Twitter: @beefyfinance 

Web: http://beefy.finance 

Beefy is an excellent place to find new farms with high APR and auto-compound your APY to APY. 


DeFi & Yield Farming Tracking: 


4. DeBank

Twitter: @DeBankDeFi 

Web: http://debank.com 

Check out your DeFi wallet. You may also want to look at other wallets. EVM is the only supported protocol, however DeBank supports many protocols and is very accurate. 


 5. Zapperfi

Twitter: @zapper_fi 

Web: http://zapper.fi 

Zapper.fi allows you to monitor your portfolio, liquidity, claims, rewards, and more, without sharing any personal data. It is as simple as connecting your wallet to the dashboard to see your entire DeFi portfolio. You will also have access to many tools. 


6.  Ape Board

Twitter: @ape_board 

Web: http://apeboard.finance 

Ape Board is similar in concept to DeBank or Zapper, but it has a fun theme and supports Terra and Cosmos ecosystems. 


7. network

Twitter: @tinnetwork_defi 

Web: http://tin.network 

Manage your assets and NFTs in a simple interface. 


AltCoin Price Tracking:


8. CoinGecko

Twitter: @coingecko 

Web: http://coingecko.com 

Track Altcoin price history, create watchlists, view social data, rankings, events, etc 


9. CoinMarketCap

Twitter: @CoinMarketCap 

Web: http://coinmarketcap.com 

Very similar to CoinGecko 



Dex Pairs Price Tracking:


10. Dex Tools

Twitter: @DEXToolsApp 

Web: http://dextools.io 

Tracking and charting information for token pairs trading on DEXes, among other features. 


11. Dex Screener

Twitter: @dexscreener 

Web: http://dexscreener.com 

Tracking and charting information for token pairs trading on DEXes, among other features. 


12. Dex Guru

Twitter: @dexguru 

Web: https://dex.guru/  

Tracking and charting information for token pairs trading on DEXes, among other features. 


Crypto Events Tracking:


13. CoinMarketCal

Twitter: @CoinMarketCal 

Web: http://coinmarketcal.com 

I love this crypto trading tool because it allows you to buy the rumors and sell the news. It is a fantastic calendar that shows you the upcoming events on different coins: launches, listings, presales, AMAs, and so on. Also, you can search for your coin! 


14. ApeOClock

Twitter: @ApeOClock 

Web: http://apeoclock.com 

Calendar of past and upcoming events in crypto – launches, listings, presales, AMAs, etc 


Portfolio Tracking:


15. CoinStats

Twitter: @coinstats 

Web: http://coinstats.app 

It can combine your portfolios from different wallets and exchanges. This is a great way to track your altcoin portfolio. Automatically sync all of your wallets and exchanges. 


Market & Wallet Data Watch and Analysis Tools:


16. DeFiLlama

Twitter: @DefiLlama 

Web: http://defillama.com 

DeFi metrics for different chains and protocols 


17. DeFiLlamaNFTs

Twitter: @DefiLlama 

Web: http://defillama.com/nfts 

Metrics & data for NFTs 


18. Glassnode

Twitter: @glassnode 

Web: http://glassnode.com 

An on-chain data platform and intelligence platform. This means that it collects data from multiple blockchains in order to accurately measure the activity of crypto networks and then reports metrics and insights to investors. 


19. Nansen

Twitter: @nansen_ai 

Web: http://nansen.ai  

Research and analytics tool to track wallets, NFTs, and projects. 


20. Crypto Fees

Twitter: @CryptoFeesInfo 

Web: https://cryptofees.info 

Fees are earned by crypto protocols. 


21. Token Terminal

Twitter: @tokenterminal 

Web: https://tokenterminal.com 

Analytics on blockchains and protocols 


22. Messari

Twitter: @MessariCrypto 

Web: https://messari.io 

A crypto data aggregator that provides tons of useful tools for analyzing charts to help you make better trading decisions 


23. LunarCrush

Twitter: @LunarCrush 

Web: https://lunarcrush.com/markets 

Social sentiment data for cryptocurrencies. 



ETH Layer 2 Research tool:


24. L2Beat

Twitter: @l2beatcom 

Web: https://l2beat.com 

Gives you Insights into ETH Layer 2 technologies. 


Crypto safety:


25. Rugdoc

Twitter: @RugDocIO 

Web: http://rugdoc.io  

Information about rugs, and project safety. 


26. TokenSniffer

Twitter: @Token_Sniffer 

Web: http://tokensniffer.com 

Scans contracts for known scams computes helpful token metrics and maintains a list of scams. Simply copy the address and paste it into the search box. TokenSniffer provides information about what takes advantage of, an overview of the agreement, and much other useful information. 

Investors need to be familiar with crypto research tools. You should familiarize yourself with at least two tools before you invest your money in a specific cryptocurrency project. These tools will provide you with an overview of the price movements for any cryptocurrency project. 

Although it can seem overwhelming to use these tools at first, once you become familiar with them, you’ll be able to make the most informed investment decisions you as can. 



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