69 % Female Crypto Investors in U.S. Adopt Holding Strategy, Survey Shows

Despite all the turmoil in cryptocurrency markets, women Americans remain resilient. according BlockFi, a global cryptocurrency financial services company, has launched a survey. 

BlockFi’s latest edition of the Real Talk Survey found that American female crypto investors had a long-term outlook due to their adoption of the buy-and hold strategy. According to the report:

“When asked specifically what best describes their crypto investment style, the majority of female crypto owners (69%) said they hold crypto and remain hold-only.”

Flori Marquez, BlockFi’s founder and COO, added:

“The crypto landscape and the number of players look completely different than it did six months ago when we last issued this survey and yet the faith in the crypto markets and its potential as a long-term investment strategy remains. This resiliency is extremely promising.”

Female Americans are still interested in this asset class, however. BlockFi pointed out:

“More than one in five women (22%) still intend to buy crypto in the next 12 months, down slightly from 28% the year prior.”

Here are some reasons female investors in America are attracted. cryptocurrencies is because they believe it’s an inflationary hedge. The survey results:

“When asked, one in five women believe crypto to be a good hedge against inflation. Even more, 20% of Gen Z women noted Bitcoin as the best long-term investment when presented with a list of options including individual stocks and real estate.”

However, the study showed a gap in generational choice because one-tenth of American women chose crypto as their first investment. 

According to Blockchain.News, an Ipsos survey found that Americans are more likely to invest in cryptocurrency or use them as a payment option than Canadians. 

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