Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Proposes Bills to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona is the person most responsible for the introductions of legislation regarding cryptocurrencies. She was elected as the representative of Arizona in Congress. One of these bills proposes to recognize bitcoin (BTC), as legal money within Arizona. A number of laws that regulate alternative cryptocurrencies are currently in the legislative process.

Rogers disclosed in a tweet published not long ago that she was involved the distribution of a series of bitcoin banknotes. This information was made publicly. She also referred to research by Goldman Sachs which revealed that Bitcoin was the asset that performed best in every part of the world. These numbers show that Bitcoin is the asset that has performed the best in every other location on the globe.

If you follow the steps above, Bitcoin (BTC), could be legalized as money in the United States. This acceptance may occur as soon as 2019. If the law is passed, Bitcoin could be accepted as a form of payment for debts, public charges, taxes and state dues. This is subject to the law being enacted. The future value of one bitcoin will equal that of one dollar in the United States. If the plan becomes law, things will be just as this.



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