Authorities in the U.S and Brazil Disrupt Crypto Fraud Ring

It seems that crime is on the rise. Cryptocurrency Blockchain technology continues to expand. 

Recent developments in the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported U.S. National Police investigated the matter. Homeland Security Investigations, (HSI), along with other law enforcement agencies that contributed to the disruption in crypto-related fraud across multiple countries but with an operational base in Curitiba Brazil.


An investigation by the U.S. has found that Francisley Valdevino da Silva, a former resident of the USA and a Brazilian citizen, is 37 years old. ringleader The crypto fraud ring. More than a dozen investors in over a dozen countries were duped into believing there was a high-end, well-organized crypto-financial product. In fact, the organization encouraged fraudulent cooperation and licensing that enticed victims of crypto fraud to invest millions in questionable cryptos. The cryptocurrency was of little or no value.


Brazilian authorities identified another fraudulent activity in Brazil. The Brazilian banking system received approximately $800million, and illegal proceeds were transferred via cryptocurrency.


Crypto-related Crimes Regulated By Governments


Online activities have increased, creating a potential for criminal activity in the digital ecosystem. Different governments have put in place measures to stop these criminal activities around the globe.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security aims to end money laundering and the increasing number of cases. Create A special unit known as the Cyber Fraud Task Force ( CFTF ) is created. To detect suspicious activity and effectively stop it, CFTF investigators need to be able analyze a computer network and monitor IP addresses.


Financial Crimes Enforcement NetworkFinCEN) has also proposed Methods Businesses that are involved in the cryptocurrency space, including exchanges. Unhosted wallets must be monitored properly and all transactions over $3,000 should be confirmed before they are accepted.

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