Axie Infinity – How to Play & Earn From This Game

When you ask an average gamer to tell you what they want in a new game, the most common answers are graphics, thrills, and intensity.  

There are many factors to consider now that you can earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens while playing games. There is an increasing demand for games that combine traditional gameplay with an innovative, player-focused economy.  

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game that brings Pokemon’s popular elements to the blockchain. It is the best example of this emerging trend. It rose quickly to prominence in 2021, and for a time was the standard for blockchain-based gaming.  

Despite some difficulties in 2022, Axie Infinity is still one of the most popular crypto games in the industry’s history.  

Axie Infinity: Origin is a free-to-play new edition that has just been released.  


What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an online game created and owned by Sky Mavis. Sky Mavis is a blockchain development company that specializes in creating games with player-owned economies.  

This game has many of the same card-based components that we love about Pokemon. However, it incorporates the concept of NFTs so that players can take full ownership of and monetize in-game assets.  

Before the launch of the free-to-play version, players had to buy three Axies to start the game from the in-house marketplace. Existing players could then sell their leveled-up Axies to other players and attempt to make a profit. In late 2020, one Axie – a triple-mystic-trait Axie named “Angel”, was sold for 300 ETH. This is more than $930,000 at today’s prices.  

NFT-based monsters, Axies have unique fighting abilities and traits. If players want to beat others, they must carefully choose their starter Axies.  

Players compete against one another to win coins that can then be used to purchase other cryptocurrencies.  


How does Axie Infinity Work?

As we mentioned, Axie Infinity is a strategy-based game that allows you to strategically use your fighting skills to defeat opponents and earn rewards.  

You have two options: play against other players, or Chimeras (non-player combatants). You will need three Axies to be able to launch different strategies. You can perform a variety of defense and attack moves depending on which Axies you have.  

To find out how Axies battle capabilities are distributed and allocated, see the following:  

Stats of Axies: Axies have four stats. They are Health, Morale, and Skill, as well as Speed. These stats are crucial for Axies’ battle mechanics. They determine how much damage an Axie can do and receive, and who makes the first move.  

Axie classes The usual classes are Beast, Aquatic, and Bird, as well as Bug, Bird, Plant, and Reptile. The secret classes include Dawn, Dusk, and Mech. Some classes have an advantage over others. Aquatic, for example, has more advantages than Beast, Mech, and Bug Axies. They are, however, weak against Dusk and Plant Axies.  

Body parts of Axie: Every Axie is made up of six parts. These include the ears, horns, and eyes, as well as the mouth, tail, back, and stomach. Except for the ears and eyes they all have special battling abilities.  

Smooth Love Potion: When you win a battle you will be awarded Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which is an Ethereum-based token natively to the AxieInfinity ecosystem. These SLP tokens are then used to breed new Axies.  

Axie breeding: Axies can be bred up to seven times. Although the first cycle of breeding requires the least SLP, it takes longer to start each subsequent cycle.  

Axie gene Note that every body part of Axies can have dominant, recessive, and minor recessive genetics that could be passed on to the offspring. 

 Axie Infinity breeding chart ( 


Now you are familiar with Axies and their characteristics, it is worthwhile to mention that there are also tokenized items called Lunacia in the Axie Infinity universe.  

Users can not only own Axies but also plots of land. This part of the game has the most exciting aspect: land owners can modify and monetize their parcels. You can create passive income by building shops and other businesses on your land in AxieInfinity.  

There are 90,601 parcels of land in Lunacia. Each plot of land has four levels of rarity – rare, common, epic, and mystic. Players can also own five types of land: savanna forest, arctic mystic, mystic, and genesis.  

Sky Mavis, who is the creator of Axie Infinity has integrated a high-speed sidechain that allows players to bypass the inefficiency and cost of the Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity can process transactions on its platform almost immediately.  


What is AXS?  

Axie Infinity, a platform that aims to enable a completely decentralized gaming ecosystem, is called Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity’s management and governance will be completely handed over to its players.  

The platform also launched an ERC-20 governance token, Axie Infinity Shards. AXS token holders are granted the right to vote on future developments and operational changes.  

This is still a work in process. Sky Mavis has the right to control sensitive systems and processes for now. AXS can be staked to earn rewards.  


The SLP Price Crash and Ronin Attack  

Axie Infinity’s lucrative nature, including the income from the emission SLP, has contributed to its popularity, with the Philippines accounting for a large percentage of its users.  

It was interesting to note that those in developing countries saw an opportunity for a higher income than the national minimum wage. Some even made it their full-time job.  

Axie Infinity has had its ups and downs. Skeptics raised concerns about the sustainability of its economy and its dependence on an inflation-prone system. Due to the original reward system, and the fact that users needed to pay cash to play the game, there was an inexorable flow of SLPs/Axies.  

To earn SLPs, you only need to complete daily quests, and battle in single-player or Arena modes, or PVP. This system ensured an influx in SLPs, so it was not surprising that the value took a significant hit.  

Sky Mavis decided to limit the SLP rewards system to PVP. SLP will be only distributed to matchup winners. The team also decided to burn the SLPs that were used to create new Axies. This will further reduce the supply of ERC20-based tokens.  

Just as Axie Infinity was trying to turn the corner it was hit with the most significant crypto exploit. Axie Infinity used a sidechain called the Ronin network for its transactions. This system had loopholes that hackers eventually exploited.  

Ronin, for one, required inputs from nine validators. To process transactions Ronin needed at least five validators. This is a stark departure from the Ethereum ecosystem where thousands of validators are engaged to protect the system against attacks.  

The Ronin Network team reported that the attacker had used hacked keys to create fake withdrawals. This was a week after the attack. The hacker was able to take control of five validator nodes, and then via two withdrawals, steal 173,600 Ethereum and more than 25.5 million USDC tokens totaling over $625 million.  

Sky Mavis pledged to reimburse all affected customers following the attack. Sky Mavis has increased the number of validators on its Ronin Network to 10 of the 11 nodes required to sign off transactions. They also discussed the possibility of introducing a circuit breaker system to stop this type of attack on their network in the future.  


Axies Infinity: Origin  

Sky Mavis launched Axie Infinity Origin in 2022, one of many developments and updates.  

This version is not like the Axie Infinity classic game. Users don’t have to purchase Axies to play. All new players get a team with starter Axies. This allows you to explore the Axie Infinity universe and connect a Ronin wallet without spending a penny. This will allow more people to play the game and encourage them to earn the pay-to-earn version. 




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