Bahrain-Based Crypto Platform to Enable Real Estate Acquisition Using Crypto

CoinMena, a Bahrain-based cryptocurrency asset service provider, has partnered with Carlton Real Estate in order to facilitate real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies

Ali Adnan Mahmood, Carlton Real Estate’s deputy managing director, pointed out:

“We are proud to be the first real estate brokerage company in the kingdom to accept crypto asset transactions for property purchases and other real estate services through our partnership with CoinMena – the crypto asset service provider licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.” 

Carlton Real Estate hopes that by incorporating crypto in its payment options, it will be able to propel its management, financing and brokerage objectives. CoinMena makes it easy for institutional and retail investors alike to access digital asset investments from their bank accounts. This allows them to make quick and frictionless transfers.

In a joint statement, CoinMena founders Dina Sam’an and Talal Tabbaa stated:

“As adoption continues to grow in the region, we see significant opportunities to use cryptocurrencies to purchase real-world assets. Crucially, this Carlton partnership also signals to the market that cryptocurrencies are maturing and gaining mainstream acceptance as a viable medium of exchange, they said in a joint statement.”

They said that Bahrain was examining the crypto/blockchain space on the basis of the adoption of different regulations.

For instance, the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) undertook a crypto payment trial with Onyx, JPMorgan’s cryptocurrency and blockchain unit. 

CBB also granted Binance a category 4 license as a crypto assets service provider (CASP). Blockchain.News reported that this license was granted to Binance Bahrain in order to provide a complete range of crypto trading services for consumers. 

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