Bank of America Opens Job Position for Crypto Public Policy Analysts

The Bank of America (BoA), a multinational American bank in Washington DC, is looking for 27 candidates to fill the Policy Analysis and Insights manager position. This role focuses on fintech, crypto, AI, stablecoins and blockchain.

The new staff will be able to identify and evaluate new challenges as well as assess their potential impact on the organization. Unternehmen.


The bank posted The bank’s official LinkedIn page allows you to submit your job application. The bank says that this position requires the candidate to research and analyze proposed policy changes, and create and implement advocacy plans that support the company’s objectives. 


The professional will also be responsible for creating industry coalitions, amending proposed legislation and commenting on regulations, creating analyses and position papers, executive summaries and reports, as well as drafting communications external to governmental and regulatory agencies.


The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years experience in trading cryptocurrency markets, as well as an interest and understanding of fintech, cyber and AI.


The Bank of America gets involved in Crypto


Bank job openings show that they are interested in blockchain technology and seek to expand their blockchain technological arm.


The BoA published an article following the crypto trend in 2021. An announcement To research digital assets and crypto. Alkesh Shah led the creation of the Bank of America’s first digital currency research team. This is to ensure that the hot ecosystem continues its growth among all investors.


September was a busy month for the Bank of America. Decision of the Binance exchange platform to convert all its customers’ existing balances and future deposits of three stablecoins into its own native Binance USD ( BUSD). The bank explained that Binance’s decision could have a small impact on the exchange’s short-term financial performance, but it could have longer-term, more important effects.


BoA strategists recently Hinted Recent shifts in Bitcoin It is a sign that it is becoming a safe place relative to other digital assets.

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