Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has acknowledged a recent spate of third party scams

FTX, a disfunct cryptocurrency exchange has admitted that clients were recently targeted by a number of frauds and scams perpetrated through third parties. These scams were created to exploit the consumer’s dire financial situation.

FTX warned its clients about recent scam attempts by fraudsters on February 3. They included asking for money, fees or passwords. This scam was made by asking about fraudsters’ recent attempts to scam people.

The firm warned its clients that they were aware of third-party frauds and scams aimed to exploit FTX customers.

FTX stated that agents and debtors will not ask customers for account passwords or pay fees in order to “return or potential return of customer assets.” FTX encouraged victims to reach out to the official FTX debtors email to verify the legitimacy of messages. 

Con artists have been trying to capitalize on the situation since the collapse of FTX a few months ago.

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation warned the public in December that con artists were out to “re-victimize” people who had been hurt and was trying to find ways to recover their losses.

It referred to a bogus site that claimed to be administrated by the United States Department of State. This website was trying restore FTX customers assets while also requesting account details from such customers.

A fake video purporting to show Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, circulated on the internet in November. The video claimed that the company would increase the cryptocurrency compensation it gives customers. Users were lured to a malicious website, promising to give away cryptocurrency in exchange for tokens.

As part of the latest developments in the proceedings regarding FTX’s bankruptcy, the states California, Texas, New Jersey and Texas have requested an independent audit of the company’s financial accounts.

A second article about Bankman-Fried was published by Reuters on February 2, 2012. It states that the crypto entrepreneur has reached out to federal prosecutors in an effort to resolve a dispute over his bail terms.

Bankman-Fried was put under temporary gag orders by the judge who presided over the lawsuit. This prevents her from communicating with Alameda workers or FTX workers.



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