Bitcoin ATMs Installation Growth Dropped Sharply in September

The current state of the cryptocurrency economy is currently affecting the global number of Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines. 

According to a report by, the number installed ATMs dropped from 38.776 in August, to 37.980 ATMs during September. data CoinATMRadar. 796 ATMs were removed form the global network. This resulted in a drop down of -2.05%. 


A variety of factors can explain the sudden drop in Bitcoin ATM installation, including uncertainty in markets and tensions in different geopolitical areas.


Bitcoin ATMs enable a person to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. cryptocurrencies With cash or a debit card. A few Bitcoin ATMs have a dual-function feature that allows you both to buy Bitcoin and to sell it for cash. 


Bitcoin ATM providers may require that users have an account in order to use the ATM to make transactions. Bitcoin ATMs can be used to measure the growth of digital currency ecosystem.


Bitcoin ATMs are installed in different regions


The data According to CoinATMRadar, as of May 18, 2020, there had been 7,856 crypto ATMs located in 72 countries and 5,888 locations within the United States. 736 were concentrated in Los Angeles and 946 in Washington, DC. This includes other coins such as Bitcoin Cash(BCH). Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash(DASH).


Bitcoin ATMs also exist Introduction There are approximately 15 ATMs located in this area, with the majority of them being in the East or South of London. Transactions have been constantly simplified through the  ATM network of at least 150 machines across London.


South Korean citizens are now able to withdraw BCH in areas that haven’t yet integrated peer-to–peer electronic cash payments. South Korea has more than 13,000 ATMs. Partner There are two options: Mecon Cash and


Despite the decline in market structure data From 60 Days, almost 14 crypto ATMs were installed per day around the world. Genesis Coin has a 40.3% share among all other manufacturers.

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