Bitcoin Group Rumoured to be Engaging in Mulitple Takeover Negotiations

Bitcoin Group SE is said to be involved in takeover negotiations.

According to reports, one of their targets is the 268-year-old German Bank Bankhaus von der Heydt. Bankhaus von der Heydt in Munich has experienced a difficult period with its moves. cryptocurrencies People familiar with the matter stated that digital assets are also available.

Bankhaus von der Heydt attempted to sell itself earlier to BitMEX crypto-derivatives exchange BitMEX. However, the deal was blocked by BaFin, the German financial regulator. Since then, the company has been in search of a potential buyer.

Bloomberg reports that people familiar are saying the bank may be sold for $19.6million.

While October was last year’s October, Bankhaus von der Heydt Fireblocks and partnered to expand its digital asset banking, fund services and securitization offerings To its clients

Fireblocks supports Bankhaus von der Heydt with its custodial services and Fireblocks Network in order to increase digital asset sales to its customers.

As of right now, all possible acquisition activities, including Bankhaus von der Heydt are still being reviewed. Diverse legal, regulatory and fiscal issues are still being assessed.

Bitcoin Group, a Germany-based crypto/blockchain venture capitalist firm, is located in Berlin.

The firm’s primary focus is on managing investments in companies. They also manage the acquisition and control of these companies. Bitcoin Group is currently the owner of futurum bank AG and many other assets.

Futurum bank AG operates Germany’s only regulated marketplace for the digital currency Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum and Litecoin under Sineus Financial Services GmbH is also owned by Futurum bank AG, which controls 50% of its shares. Sineus Financial Services GmbH is a financial services provider under the supervision of BaFin.

Although there has not been much information about Bitcoin Group SE’s takeover plans yet, this is a developing story.

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