Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases by 3.4%

According to data from, Bitcoin difficulty mining has increased since August 31.

The report showed The Bitcoin mining difficulty rose by 3.4%. This is down from the 9.26% jump on August 31. This is still the fourth positive adjustment.

Data also revealed that Bitcoin mining difficulty was at 0.63% on August 18. 

According to, Bitcoin mining difficulty was negative (-) 5.01% on July 22, according to tracks network mining difficulty. The site also updates you when adjustments are made, which happens approximately every two weeks.

According to The Block: The significant drop in mining difficulty in the summer was due to Bitcoin miners switching off their machines during peak power demand because of extreme heat.

Mining is difficult because of the complexity of the process. Miners often try to find a lower level of difficulty during mining. 

The reward for the next generation is given to miners who “discover” this hash. Transaction block, and the difficulty adjusts at approximately every two weeks every 2,016 blocks in line with the network’s hash rate.

Many bitcoin mining firms have been expanding their crypto business, despite the increased difficulty in mining.

CleanSpark grew its crypto mining business in August in order to profit from the current bear market.

According to Blockchain.News, CleanSpark revealed that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire a Bitcoin mining website (owned by Waha Technologies), including the facility and machines.

For approximately $8.9million, Waha Technologies purchased an active Bitcoin miner in Washington, Georgia from the US Bitcoin mining firm. The $16.2 million purchase included around 3,400 Antminer S19 Series machines and an estimated US Bitcoin mining business.

However, in addition to mining difficulty, cryptocurrency mining businesses have many fixed costs like power, real property, and rigs that aid in the actual mining. This makes it difficult for their margins when crypto markets drop significantly in value. 

Blcockchain.News reports that many publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies sold more Bitcoin in June than in May, as Bitcoin’s value fell 45%. Bitfarms also sold 1,500 Bitcoins in June for approximately $62 Million and used the proceeds of the sale to reduce its outstanding debt.

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