Bitpanda Launches New Crypto Indices for Long-Term Diversified Portfolios

Bitpanda, an online investment platform, has released at least four crypto-indices to investors. They also provide more options for them by helping them to create their own. Diversify their portfolios.

The company wants to make investing in cryptocurrency projects easier, such as the Metaverse, decentralized financing (also known as decentralized finance)DeFi), smart contracts, and infrastructure through new automated crypto indices. 

The Bitpanda Crypto Indices platform aims to simplify investing in cryptocurrency markets and offer a hands-off option. 

Eric Demuth, CEO and co-founder at Bitpanda said:

“We launched Bitpanda Crypto Indices as a game changer for all people interested in crypto, especially newer investors who didn’t know where to start building their crypto portfolios.”

Bitpanda initially launched three crypto index products in 2020. These were designed to auto-invest into the top 5-25 cryptocurrencies, depending on their popularity and market size.

Thus, the new crypto-indices are designed to offer investors more opportunities in developing spaces like DeFi and the metaverse. Demuth said:

“These four new crypto indices allow people to invest in areas they are passionate about. There’s no hassle, no need to constantly research new crypto projects, just a simple way for everyone to diversify their portfolios.” 

Bitpanda considers the new crypto-indices a step towards offering investors long-term diversification by being able purchase multiple assets from emerging areas. 

The firm also confirmed that crypto indices would be rebalanced every month depending on market liquidity. 

Blockchain.News reported the Crypto Price Indicator (CPI) was being hailed as a game-changer for the cryptocurrency market. 

It was expected that it would function in the same way as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and provide insights into trading history of major blockchain projects. 

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