Blockchain-based Digital Identification For Online Public Services In Turkey

According to plans of the Turkish Government, the registration process for Turkey’s online public services will include blockchain technology.

E-Devlet is an electronic government site in Turkey that allows citizens to access a wide range of public services. To verify the identity of any Turkish resident who logs in to E-Devlet the site will use an identifier. digital identity It is built on blockchain technology. E-Devlet can now verify whether a resident is able access the wide range of public services offered in Turkey. E-Devlet can now provide its users with greater privacy protection.

Fuat Oktay from Turkey was the Vice President of Digital Turkey 2023. He announced that citizens would soon have the ability to use digital identities built on blockchain technology for e-wallet apps. The event was for Digital Turkey 2023. This information was made public by the Vice President of Turkey.

Oktay called the application built on blockchain technology a revolution for e-government initiatives, arguing that the use of blockchain technology will make online services more available and safer.

This new function will allow users to save all digital information on their smartphones rather than moving it around.

Turkey has been making a lot of comments in recent years about the implementation of blockchain-based projects. Despite these comments, very few of these efforts have been made into the actual reality.

The United States of America made preparations for a national Blockchain infrastructure in 2019 for the first time. This marked the start of the new year.

However, it has not yet produced any tangible results from its blockchain goals, with the exceptions of a few proofs-of-concept businesses and a central bank digital currency test (which was finally completed after a series of delays).




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