Brazil’s Launches Crypto Platform Using Nasdaq’s Cloud-Based Tech

Brazil-based Exchange of cryptocurrency on Tuesday launched a digital asset trading platform powered by Nasdaq’s cloud-based crypto trading service. is based on Nasdaq’s market infrastructure technology. It now employs exchange-grade matching technology for 24/7/365 reliable and frictionless trading on This technology is available to institutional and retail investors around the world.

Launched in June 2020, Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform that supports digital assets exchanges and crypto markets for exchanging digital assets, offering services across the lifecycle of a transaction including trading, issuance, surveillance, and pre-trade risk management.

Nasdaq offers digital asset services but is also collaborating with Microsoft Azure to design solutions for next-generation marketplaces.

The Nasdaq’s cloud-based platform allows exchanges to attract liquidity and scale transaction volumes to correspond with different market conditions. Exchanges can also develop new features for clients with the technology.

Rodrigo Batista, CEO of, spoke about the new development. Our technology collaboration gives our company a strong foundation to grow, and develop new features for our clients.

One feature that is unique is already leveraging from Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform is a new commission and fee structure, called Trade to Earn. eliminated transaction fees, while introducing a monetary incentive program which awards customers native Digitra tokens for each trade.

Although already provides digital assets such as bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and USD coin (USDC) to its customers, the exchange said it plans to use the Nasdaq’s technology to offer 50 additional asset classes and coins by the end of the year.

 “By offering additional services on top of cryptocurrency spot trading, we will create new revenue streams that replace the traditional transaction fees,” Batista said.

Nasdaq’s cloud-based Marketplace Services Platform is designed to dynamically scale as the marketplace grows and adds new asset classes to its trading platform.

Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform will enable to grow and scale, which is crucial as the exchange continues expanding and offering new asset types. will be able to introduce new products rapidly – from cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to security, energy, and carbon credit tokens – as such opportunities arise.

By using Nasdaq technology, said it will be able to respond to the demands of the market and offer new types of services and products that don’t exist today.

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