California Cannabis Grower Using Blockchain For Tracking

California’s cannabis nursery used smart contracts and blockchain technology in order to prove the authenticity of its therapeutic plants.

Mendocino Clone Company is the cannabis nursery that goes by the name Mendocino Clone Company. It was named in a statement on January 13, which refers to a collaboration between the EMTRI project, and technology company Global Compliance Applications.

It will be possible to use the capabilities of the blockchain project to issue batch certificates for every clone. Nurseries are businesses that specialize in plant genetics. They produce clones, young plants and seeds for wholesale cannabis distribution. Sometimes, nurseries are also known as seed banks.

According to the nursery, this decision has allowed them to document the start stages of cannabis plants’ journey to becoming premium products for customers based on their gram weight. Each cloned batch is given a unique batch certification, which acts as a self-generating smart contractual. It does this by assigning each young plant a unique “unique ID block,” which is generated in the nursery and linked to the Ethereum blockchain.

It was discovered that customers of the company, which includes retail dispensaries as well as commercial farms, could use this tool to verify the genetic history and confirm that their clones are genuine. A first round of batch-certificate clones will be available to the public starting in February.

The blockchain project will also give licensed farmers access to EMTRI tokens (EMT) and higher rates of participation. These benefits will be offered to licensed cultivators that participate in the Blockchain Project.

EMT was created in November 2022 to provide incentives for project participants. You can stake the tokens for additional dividends, or you can exchange them on Uniswap to get US Dollar Coins (USDC).

The idea of combining cannabis and cryptocurrency is not new.

Cannaland, an e-commerce platform that promotes cannabis, was launched in November. In January 2022, a custom pipe manufacturer made tokenized bongs. Santana and Snoop Dogg were among the first to adopt the NFTs.



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