Charles Hoskinson Changes Ethereum Classic Twitter Account to Ergo’s

Charles Hoskinson, the Blockchain leader and known for his contributions to the creation of Ethereum Classic and Input Output Hong Kong. (IOHK), the parent company. Cardano Recently, the Ethereum Classic ( ETC ) Twitter account was converted to the Ergo Proof of Work network’s on the 6th of Oktober.

In a Twitter thread, Ethereum’s Classic Cooperative executive director Bob Summerville alerted the change of account. According to Summerville, the conversion of the Twitter account is an aftermath of ETC’s withdrawal of support for the 20% treasury protocol proposed by Hoskinson. This is the second withdrawal of IOHK from the ETC community. the first For similar reasons, it was 2018


Summerville claims that Hoskinson’s account change will cause harm to both communities, as Hokinson creates drama to feed his ego. 


He, therefore, asked Hokinson to stop using ETC’s Twitter account of over 600k plus followers as opposed to Ergo’s actual 60k plus Twitter account because Hoskinson wasn’t the creator of the account, a Twitter user @ChuckSRQ Created and built it from July 2016 to the level that allowed for verification.


Hoskinson replied by saying that he will not surrender the account, because he has spent so much time and millions of money to support ETC Blockchain community. Because of ETC’s refusal to change their status quo, he promised to be fair with them.


Support for Ethereum


Many Twitter users have condemned Hoskinson’s refusal to return the account. 


A Twitter user (@CryptoHolon) reported that many people have donated their time to the ETC network, and to supporting principles of decentralization. 


Your proposal was meant to change ETC’s character. However, the intentions of ETC’s twitter handle were always viewed as a community handle. It’s a simple gesture, Charles.”


AntPool, Bitmain-run Chinese mining pool, declared Its support Ethereum Classic was launched in July, and $10 million was contributed to the ecosystem. Ethermine is now supporting Ethereum Classic, the largest ETH mining pool worldwide.

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