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The best market researcher and tracker in cryptocurrency. CoinMarketCapRecently,, made an announcement about the new feature that will be launched on its platform. The new feature will allow users to access the most recent financial information on exchanges.

Proof of Reserves is a tracker that inspects active cryptocurrency exchanges on the market to ensure that they are honest about their liquidity levels at all times. These exchanges are audited in order to verify that Proof of Reserves is working properly.

According to the announcement, the tracker gives information about the company’s total assets as well the public wallet addresses associated. It also provides information on the balances, prices and values of the wallets. The announcement also states that the tracker includes information on the company’s public wallet addresses.

CoinMarketCap stated that PoR trackers will update their data every five mins going forward.

Apart from the listed exchanges, there are many more such as KuCoin, Bitfinex and OKX that provide PoR information.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO and cofounder of Binance, tweeted the announcement from CoinMarketCap, and included a link at the end to the company’s website.

The cryptocurrency community has expressed their support on Twitter for this feature, calling them a “great addition to transparency.”

It produced a proof of assets on November 10 that included wallet addresses and activity. Activity and wallet addresses were also provided. The analysis also included wallet activity.

In an effort to encourage transparency, a large number of market platforms have started publishing information on their liquidity and financial reserves. Binance set the standard for this trend, and many other platforms have followed its lead.

Grayscale is a company that provides financial products linked to cryptocurrency. It decided to withhold its onchain PoR due to security concerns regarding the network.



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