Crypto Adoption Among Women on the Rise

Recent polls show that conventional asset classes have not succeeded in attracting more women into the investing space. But crypto seems to be successful in bringing women aboard. The poll results show that cryptocurrency has seen a significant increase in women owning it. According to data, the proportion of people who own their homes increased from 29% in 2022 to 34% during the most recent quarter.

The team at eToro believes this means that cryptocurrency is succeeding “where conventional financial markets have sometimes failed”, and that one way it is doing so is by attracting more women.

In the three-months to 2022, women have adopted crypto at a rapid pace, while men have only seen a 1% increase in crypto ownership. The global percentage of cryptocurrency owners increased from 36% and 39% to 39% in the last quarter, despite cryptocurrency being the asset that performed the worst over the past year.

The data was influenced by participation by women and by elderly investors who purchased the dip.

The percentage of retail investors aged 35–44 and 45–54 who own cryptocurrency increased by 5 percent apiece, which suggests that older investors are also acquiring crypto.

Concerning the question of why investors are becoming more involved in cryptocurrency, 37% said that they are seizing the opportunity for high returns. 34% said they believe in blockchain’s power and consider cryptocurrency a transformative asset.

Retail investors aren’t the only ones showing faith in Blockchain technology by making investment; corporations are starting to do the exact same thing.

Casper Labs conducted a survey on January 12, and found that 90% of the 603 participating companies had used blockchain technology in some way.



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