Mistakenly Refunds $10.5M to Aussie User

Manivel Thevamanogari, a Melbourne resident, and Gangadory Thevamanogari, her sister, requested a refund from of 100 Australian Dollars in May 2013. However, the mistake was returned 10.5 millions Australian dollars, According to 7News, an Australian media outlet.

However, has sued Manivel for using a portion from the fund to purchase a car. Craigieburn, a suburb of Melbourne, is a great place to buy a home for $1.35million. 

After’s lawsuit, a local Supreme Court ordered that the Manivel Sisters sell the house and compensate $1.37 million in interest and fees.

The error was discovered by, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. During the company’s inventory and audit last Christmas, the loophole was discovered and remedied in time. The money has been returned to the company through legal proceedings in Australia.

The mistake was made by a employee. She mistook the amount of the payment for an account number, and instead entered the refund amount. This resulted in the wrong transfer being made to their bank accounts.

Court records show that Manivel and Gangadory were not present in the lawsuit at all. The case will reopen in October.

“There’s no doubt that if you saw that in your account you would know it shouldn’t be there, and the onus is actually on you to actually call the sender and to say look that shouldn’t have come into my account,” Justin Lawrence from Henderson and Ball Lawyers.

The court stated that they had not responded to any letters sent by lawyers (, but that they were acknowledging the allegations in their statement by not appearing in court. claim., an emerging exchange platform, received regulatory approval in July to operate on the Cyprus crypto market. This allowed it to expand its European presence.

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