Crypto Exchange MEXC Introduces Second-Level K-Line Function for Real Time Furtures Trading

Crypto exchange MEXC introduced the second-level Kline function to improve real-time futures trading.

Given that the K-line charts usually account for minutes, hours and days, as well as weeks and months, the latest function will include the one-second time interval. According to the announcement:

“The second-level K-line introduced by MEXC takes into account “1-second” increments as the time period to generate a single candle chart, which reflects the transaction information in a more timely and intuitive manner, such as the current price, transaction volume, and market depth.”

Futures are financial derivative contracts which obligate parties to purchase or sell an asset at a future date and price. MEXC aims to be the first cryptocurrency platform that allows real-time trading through the second-level Kline function. 

MEXC added

“The launch of the second-level K-line can meet the more real-time and detailed trading information needs of ultra-short-term, higher-frequency, and higher-leverage trading users, making the experience better and more exclusive.”

The second-level Kline charts will also be available. BTC/USDT and pairs ETH/USDT are supported, but it is expected that more currencies will be supported in future. 

MEXC’s future products were launched in 2018. They provide users with technical expertise, liquidity, risk management, fundamental transaction depth and trading mechanism.

Blockchain.News reported in August that the crypto exchange introduced the MX/USDT permanent trading pair to increase the MX Futures markets and propel the MEXC ecosystem further, Blockchain.News reported. 

Perpetual trading is possible across multiple crypto sectors, such as the metaverse. Finance decentralization (DeFi), decentralized autonomy organization (DAO), finance and game (GameFi), cross-chain, and public chain. MEXC saw this as a stepstone to greater adoption. 

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