Crypto Gains Flattens But These Altcoins Are Set to Cool Off

Many digital currencies have been introduced for the first-ever time in a while The week ended in the positive zonePrices are generally flattened at the time they are written. Bitcoin (BTC), which is currently trading at $21,118.04, is up 0.62% in the hourly chart despite a mixed percentage on the weekly and daily charts.

Many altcoins have soared to new heights thanks to a number of fundamentals that supported the ecosystem last week. According to CoinMarketCap, Aave and Quant Network (QNT) had the largest bullish gains within the same time period.


As is generally known, every massive spike in price is generally accompanied by bearish correction, the mildness of which is determined by the coin’s ecosystem.


Performance of CVX, QNT and AAVE on the Chart


Aave trades at $77.32 currently down 3.33% In the last 24 hours, and by 32.66% in the last week. Aave is an emerging lending protocol and has a V3 upgrade. The ecosystem is almost ready for the future.


Over the last week, Quant Network saw a positive growth curve. At a price of $79.93Over the past week,, which is a protocol that connects blockchains and network on a global level without reducing efficiency and interoperability of the network has increased 47.13%.


Convex Finance, which allows Curve liquidity providers earn a portion of trading fees on Curve by using a DeFi protocol, also saw a huge growth increase this week. CVX was one of the most loved altcoins as people tried to get their hands on some crypto currency during the still-to be-cleared crypto winter.

It changed hands for $5.95 recorded Over the past week, as high as 45.86%. While it is worth noting that these three altcoins are worth putting up on every trader’s watchlist, the probability that they can experience a bearish retracement this coming week is high. This is why all traders need to keep this in mind and be prepared to act accordingly.

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