Crypto Miner EZ Blockchain Expands Mining Rigs to 16 MWs in Georgia State

EZ Blockchain, a cryptocurrency mining company, plans to expand. Mining rigs Georgia’s underutilized energy resources can produce up to 16 megawatts.

The four EZ Blockchain mobile data centres were established in December 2021, in partnership with West Point.

The company spent more than $1million to fully use emission-free power capacities. Additionally, the company added $500,000 to increase local revenue and create high-paying jobs.

More than 60% of electricity generated at the EZ Blockchain Data Center Campus, West Point, Georgia, is from non-emission-related sources. The majority of these sources are nuclear power. 

EZ Blockchain is committed to solving the global problem of waste energy and connecting the blockchain ecosystem with sustainable energy.

EZ Blockchain launched an Immersive, Liquid-Cooled Data Centre in April. It also unveiled SmartBox 1500i, a product that cools crypto mining containers.

It remains to be concerned about the impact of cryptocurrency mining upon the energy environment. Many companies have turned to resources that can be reused to address the global resource waste problem.

Stronghold Digital Mining is based in Pennsylvania and has discovered a new way to mine cryptocurrency.

Stronghold Digital Mining stated that it would use the byproducts from decades-old coal-fired power stations to power hundreds more supercomputers. Bitcoin.

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