Crypto Mining Firm EZ Blockchain Launches Low-Emission Custody Hosting Service

EZ Blockchain, a crypto miner, will be promoting its low-emission custody hosting service at Mining Disrupt in Miami (July 26-28).

The hosting service currently serves cryptocurrency mining investors from four states: Kansas, Texas and Colorado.

EZ Blockchain is dedicated to solving the global problem with energy waste and connecting the blockchain ecosystem to sustainable energy.

It also stated that it was working on a 1.5mW mobile, submerged mining vessel solution. The product is already in mass production and should be available for delivery by the fourth quarter.

This mobile data centre, which is immersion-cooled, was added by the mining company. It will offer high efficiency, lower operating cost, longer equipment lives, and better cooling capabilities.

EZ Blockchain, a crypto mining company, plans expansion by taking advantage of Georgia State’s underutilised energy resources Mining rigs Up to 16 megawatts

More than 60% of electricity generated at West Point’s EZ Blockchain Data Center Campus, Georgia, is from non-emission sources. This includes nuclear power.

EZ Blockchain has created an Immersive Liquid Cooled Data Center and simultaneously unveiled SmartBox 1500i, a new product for cooling Crypto Mining Containers.

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