Crypto Snack enables RCD Espanyol to become the first football club to integrate crypto payments

Tallinn, Estonia, 17th November, 2022, Chainwire


Crypto Snack, a global pioneer in cryptocurrency payment solutions, today announced the start of its first phase to enable La Liga’s RCD Espanyol to become the world’s first football club to fully integrate crypto payments.

RCD Espanyol can accept more than 30 cryptocurrencies including the SNACK tokenYou can make a variety online and offline payments by clicking here Fans will be able purchase team merchandiseTickets and experience for matches. Crypto Snack and RCDE will work on further actions to improve the adoption of the technology, such as the installation of crypto-enabled ATMs in the team’s stadium.

This is just one of many partnerships that Crypto Snack is currently working on. It is designed to increase the efficiency of digital assets in the worlds of entertainment and sports.

“We’re excited to partner with RCD Espanyol to bring cryptocurrency payments directly to fans,” Stuart Morrison, CEO of Crypto Snack, said. “This partnership will accelerate our plans to make cryptocurrency payments viable and scalable in the real world.”

“RCD Espanyol is thrilled to be a pioneering football club, and the first to bring widespread cryptocurrency payments to the sport,” said Toni Alegre, Vice Principal at RCD Espanyol, “Crypto Snack provided expert guidance, support, and technical know-how to help us make this happen.”

The Crypto Snack milestone roadmap

Crypto Snack is working tirelessly during the crypto winter to create a strong brand. It also works hard to ensure that the business remains stable and meets all milestones. The other great accomplishments are the addition of crypto payments to RCD Espanyol. 

This isn’t the only time this has happened. big news shared recently by Crypto Snack. GEM Digital Limited made a $50 million strategic investment commitment to Crypto Snack earlier in July. This investment will enable the company to further develop its blockchain technology infrastructure and build relationships with top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Based on a shared vision, key partnerships, and a dynamic team of Snackers that is rapidly growing, the Crypto Snack community’s purpose is to bring the benefits of decentralized finance into everyday transactions, allowing a smooth and effective process. The SNACK tokenomics plan includes interesting environmental sustainability goals with the goal of making the project both carbon-neutral and, in the future.

Crypto Snack  

Crypto Snack was established in Estonia in 2021. It has offices throughout Europe. Crypto Snack believes that digital currencies will be the future of payment. SNACK token aims to be a transparent and community-focused utility token that connects digital and physical worlds. SNACK can be used to pay more than 800 online businesses. SNACK holders can enjoy the fastest and most cost-effective transactions on the crypto ecommerce and gaming network.

RCD Espanyol 

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona (public limited sports corporation) was established in 1900 as an association for social clubs. Their main objective is to promote and support sport and its values. It is a professional football club that plays in La Liga. RCD Espanyol works with global brands and provides unparalleled business opportunities.



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