Daphne Kwon to Serve as GM for Flipside Crypto’s DAO Initiatives

Flipside Crypto is a blockchain analytics startup tapped Harvard Business School graduate Daphne Kwon was appointed as the new general manager of its decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO).

Daphne, based on the success of Flipside Crypto’s summoning MetricsDAO in the past, will assist in the development of strategies to help the startup grow its reach in the expanding world of DAOs.


Daphne Kwon is a public-traded media powerhouse Meredith Corporation’s Flipside Crypto team member. Daphne Kwon was previously the Chief Strategy Officer at Meredith. She also served as President and COO at Betaworks Studios, Inc., where she provided support for a group of tech entrepreneurs through curated learning experiences and networking opportunities.


“Daphne has a track record of being a leader and is capable of anticipating big changes in the next generation.” TechnologyDave Balter is the CEO and co-founder of Flipside crypto. “She thrives on the edge of innovation. That is why I have no doubt that we’ll see her immediate impact, fueling new thought and accelerating development across our DAO networks and the larger ecosystem.”


Daphne described her integration into Flipside Crypto’s core business as a viable opportunity to “tackle some of the biggest opportunities in global finance, creator economies, healthcare, and environmental issues.” While she says she looks forward to her responsibilities, she noted that the “role at Flipside puts me right at the centre of it all, working with a vibrant community of Web3 thought leaders,” which is why she reiterated she “couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.”


Many startups in crypto have taken on business experts to help them strengthen their business in the face growing competition and economic uncertainty. Animoca Brs and Binance Two of the most important names in recent history to make targeted appointments are these two.

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