DekaBank to Launch Blockchain-Based Tokenization Platform

DekaBank, a German bank, has been in business since 105 years and is currently preparing for the launch of a tokenization platform using blockchain technology.

Sack stated that the infrastructure to enable tokenization will be available in the near future and that it will allow us to introduce the first minimum viable product into our cryptocurrency custody system. He believes this will happen very soon. He explained that it’s possible that the tokenization platform would have its first set test transactions in this year. He indicated that this is the most likely year for it to happen.

DekaBank is currently developing the next blockchain platform in collaboration with Metaco Harmonize digital asset management platform. The official statement on the financial institution’s relationship to Metaco was made on January 31. The bank plans to use Harmonize to facilitate what it calls “an institutional digital asset offering.”

Sack says that the next sale will involve tokenizing assets such as money, bonds, shares and bonds in order to make a new type of token economy possible. This will allow tokens to be bought and sold. He added that Metaco is the “key to this economy” as it is our primary management solution for tokenized asset on different blockchains. This is because Metaco is the driving force behind the economy.

According to the CEO, tokenization involves using a variety of blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. He stated that it is unclear if one blockchain will be the standard. “It is possible that multiple blockchains will coexist.” It is possible for more than one Blockchain to emerge as the industry standard.



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