Demand for Blockchain and AI Expected to Push Market Value to $980.7M by 2030: Report

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), which are two of the most innovative technological innovations, will drive their market value to $980.7 million in 2030. according to Spherical Insights & Consulting.

Market data intelligence firm suggested that global blockchain AI market would record a compound annual growth rate of 24.06%. According to the report:

“Both combined are able to provide robust outcomes, and become highly beneficial to various applications such as financial security, supply chain logistics, creating diverse datasets and many others.”

Because digitization is a driving force for transformation across many industries, AI/blockchain can lead to high efficiency levels. The United States is already leading the digitization revolution. 

Spherical Insights –

“The blockchain AI accelerates and also connects the ecosystem of artificially intelligent bots and Software. The combination of both delivers universal registration, identity validation, bot audit, and compliance capabilities.”

Experts believe that blockchain and AI will soon have significant business implications due to the technical complexity of these cutting-edge technologies. AICoin, for example, was designed to enable investors to harness tokenization’s power by combining the strengths and AI with blockchain.

Spherical insights added:

“In this project, the developers developed artificial intelligence models that learn to identify and trade patterns that are hidden in the dozen or so most liquid cryptocurrency markets.”

This market is a potential game-changer for business leaders due to its ability to be used in investment management platforms, crowdsourced predictive model for hedge funds and AI marketplaces. 

Spherical insights also pointed out that cloud-based, blockchain-based AI solutions could be a significant role in SMEs due to their ability to scale and high applicability. 

Research and Markets also revealed that improved blockchain adoption (BaaS), could boost the blockchain’s marketability in healthcare, Blockchain.News reported. 

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