Disney’s new CEO Bob Iger and crypto

I believe in the promise of Metaverse. Bob Iger made headlines by declaring that he would resume his previous position as Disney’s CEO. Bob Chapek has already announced his retirement and Iger will take over as CEO.

Iger’s 15-year tenure in the role of CEO at the multinational entertainment giant was his greatest achievement. After joining Genies in 2012 as a director and consultant, Iger rose to prominence in the cryptocurrency sector. Genies is a company that develops blockchain technology. Genies’ digital avatar system is powered by Dapper Labs Flow blockchain.

Iger said that he was “thrilled” to join the Genies Board of Directors to assist Akash Nigam’s and his colleagues in their goal to “empower individuals construct the mobile apps of Web3 – avatar ecosystems.” This was done to help “enable anyone to create mobile applications for Web3”.

Iger was still the CEO and chairman of Disney’s board when it submitted its metaverse patent applications on December 28th.

Patent was granted for a virtual-world simulator in real-world venues. According to the application, this would allow Disney park guests to project 3D effects onto nearby objects using their phones. This patent is for a virtual world simulator in real-world settings. This goal might be achieved using technology known as a virtual world simulator in real-world situations.

Disney claimed at the time there were no current plans to incorporate the “virtual simulator” patent into any products. Additionally, Disney has not yet released any items related to the patent.

According to reports Iger’s return will be short and he has only promised to stay in his role as Disney CEO for the next two-years. This information was obtained from The Hollywood Reporter.

According to some reports, Iger would like to work with the board of director to determine the company’s strategic future and choose a successor during his tenure as CEO.

Disney continues to pursue initiatives that involve the metaverse, nonfungible coins (NFTs), or blockchain technology, despite his absence throughout the year. These efforts are expected to be completed.

In September, Disney began looking for senior counsel to assist with transactions involving non-fungible coins (NFTs), decentralised finance, the metaverse and blockchain technology. Disney is currently conducting research on all these topics (DeFi).

They need a specialist professional to provide “complete product lifecycle legal advice and assistance for global NFT products” and ensure that the products are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States and around the world.



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