El Salvador Lags Behind as Spain Overtakes to Become Third Largest Crypto ATM Hub

With a total of 215 crypto ATMs hosted in Spain, the country has now outpaced El Salvador, which is home to 212 crypto ATMs, down to the fourth position, following Spain’s third position. 

According to data According to CoinATMRadar. Spain hosts 0.6% of global crypto ATM installation. This makes it the third largest network of Bitcoin ATMs and cryptocurrency ATMs, after the United States and Canada.



Distribution of crypto ATMs by continents or countries. Source: CoinATMRadar


The data also shows that Spain contributes the most to crypto ATMs in Europe. It accounts for 14.65% of all installations on the continent. This is followed by Poland (142 ATMs), Switzerland (144 ATMs), and Romania (135.5 ATMs).


Crypto ATM installation growth in Spain. Source: CoinATMRadar


Spain has already installed 43 crypto ATMs and plans to add 100 more by the end 2020. This will bring the total number of crypto ATMs Spain has to 300.


Greece holds the sixth position in cryptocurrency ATMs. With the influx of tourists to the country, BCash, the Bitcoin ATM operator shared information on the country’s usage statistics.


Dimitrios Tsangalidis, managing director of BCash and co-founder of BCash, revealed that most use of crypto ATMs is from the central city.


Tsangalidis stated that crypto winter combined with tourist seasons have caused a slowdown of regular crypto ATM usage.


Although not all countries in the globe have installations of crypto ATMs at the moment, however, it’s worth noting that crypto ATMs play a significant role in crypto adoption. As the years go by, it is possible that more countries will begin to offer them. 


Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency was made easily accessible at 1,800 ATMs throughout the United States in 2017. Individuals could also purchase directly from Coinflip ATMs across 45 of the 50 US States.

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