Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4844 Implementor Call: Deneb API Versioning, Execution Header Updates, and Devnet 6 Planning

Terence.eth, a widely known Ethereum Group Developer, shared vital updates following the latest Ethereum Enchancment Proposal (EIP) 4844 implementor name. The updates centered on three important areas: Deneb engine API versioning, the addition of data_gas_used to the execution header, and Devnet 6 scope and testing.

For Deneb engine API versioning, the dialogue centered on addressing its complexities. The engine API helps the older model, and whereas this helps the brand new model to perform with the earlier one, it provides to the intricacy of the specs, testing, and EL shopper implementation. To mitigate this, a proposal to limit versioning to a 1:1 mapping was tabled, limiting backward compatibility.

Consistent with EIP1559, the necessity to add data_gas_used to the execution header was highlighted. At the moment, knowledge fuel computation makes use of the father or mother header, not the present one, which some EL shoppers don’t preserve. A proposal so as to add a brand new discipline, data_gas_used, to the payload was made to boost consistency and keep away from confusion.

On Devnet 6, it was agreed that the brand new data_gas_used adjustments will apply throughout the board to the EL spec, CL spec, and Engine-API spec. Plans to introduce data_gas_used for Devnet 6 had been well-received, together with an extra EIP4844 enslave devnet earlier than transitioning to the testnet.



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