Ethereum to Launch Zhejiang Public Withdrawal Testnet

According to Parithosh Jayanthi’s January 31 post, the “Zhejiang public withdrawal test network” is set to go live at 15:00 UTC on February 1. Six days after activation of the Zhejiang testnet, both the Shanghai and Capella testnets are activated simultaneously, which is epoch 1305. Jayanthi stated, “This is also an excellent opportunity for all of the instruments to try out how to gather and present information about withdrawals.” You can set a withdrawal address or convert your 0x00 credentials into 0x01. You can make partial or complete withdrawals by leaving your validator.

Users will be able withdraw their staked Ether assets (ETH) and any prizes when the Shanghai update has been completed. Since the September 2017 Ethereum Merge update, users have been able stake their Ethereum on this proof-of-stake platform. Funds are not available until a new patch has been installed, despite this.

According to Barnabas Busa, another Ethereum engineer, Zhejiang will become the first public testnet after the Merge update. Despite being in beta, the whole withdrawal source code has been made public on

According to developers at the Ethereum Foundation, the much-anticipated Shanghai hardfork is now set to occur in March 2023. In addition, all Ethereum Improvement Protocols will be available in the Zhejiang next testnet. This includes timestamp-based forking, and other features.

EIP-4844 has been scheduled for release by the developers in either May or Juni of this year. This update will follow Shanghai. Industry experts have pointed out the potential benefits of EIP-4844 in reducing transaction costs and increasing the scaleability of layer-2 rollups for Ethereum.



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