Fidelity Set to Hire 100 Employees to Strengthen its Crypto Firm

Fidelity Digital Assets is the asset management Behemoth Fidelity’s cryptocurrency department. It has announced its plans to recruit 100 employees over the next six months in order to increase its workforce. 

Chris Tyrer, CEO of Fidelity European Assets Europe and Fidelity Asset Management made the following statement during a panel discussion at The Forum. Blockworks Digital Asset Summit This week in London, earlier


Tyrer said, “We’ve gone through a fairly aggressive hiring spree over the last 12 months and we probably, in excess, doubled the size of our organization, so we’re probably looking at adding another 100 over the next three to six months.” 


Fidelity Digital assets, an offshoot of Fidelity Securities, has been involved in crypto since its founding. Another example is the recent introduction of an IPO by Fidelity Digital Assets, which controls $9.9 Trillion. Ethereum index fund Together with Citadel Securities and Charles Schwab, they developed a platform to trade digital assets.


Fidelity Digital assets, also announced that, in addition to its current bitcoin trading services and custody services it will soon start providing Ethereum to institutional customers. The following information was available before the announcement. Unternehmen Only available BTC trading services


Hire in Crypto Winter


Fidelity’s employment strategy was implemented during a time when many significant crypto companies are cutting back. Employees. Remember that GSR, one of the oldest sector market makers, has cut nearly 10% of its staff last week.


The hiring of exchange employees comes after several renowned cryptocurrency startups had experienced the departure of their executives. FTX, KrakenNYDIG, Genesis, and Genesis are some of the most prominent crypto companies. Top administrators have all retired.


The Wall Street Journal reported that Fidelity Digital Assets had planned to hire 110 technical employees and 100 customer service staff this year.


Tyrer estimates that Fidelity has around 400 employees at the moment. Tyrer said that Fidelity Digital Assets’ platform services business includes everything from trading execution to holding, as well as the asset management company, are separate entities.


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