Former TikTok Gaming Head Launches Blockchain Gaming Startup Meta0

Jason Fung, the former head of short video giant TikTok’s gaming division, launched a blockchain gaming startup called Meta0 as CEO and has completed its first round of financing.

The startup’s goal is to offer users a platform for transferring non-fungible tokens between different blockchains.

It also offers white-label software development kits-based solutions to blockchain developers. This allows developers to isolate existing infrastructure options.

The founding team of Meta0 currently consists of six members, Fung said: “Right now, if you look at any developer when they implement NFTs or blockchain in their games, they have to choose a single blockchain, be it Polygon or Solana or Binance Smart Chain. However, imagine an interoperable option.

Jason Fung quit TikTok after 2 years of service. He believes in blockchain gaming’s promising future.

TikTok, the global streaming platform for video and Audius, have created a new feature called “TikTok Sound” that allows users to send sounds through Audius to the TikTok platform.

He expressed his desire to receive financial support from strategic investors and venture capital firms through the issuance tokens.

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