GameStop’s Blockchain Chief Matt Finestone Departs from Company

Matt Finestone is the head of the Blockchain team at Videogame retailer GameStop Corp. He announced his resignation from the company.

According to his official Twitter account he will continue to dedicate himself to Ethereum ecosystem and plan on moving closer to it. Protocol/infrastructure.

Matt Finestone, who started his career at GameStop April 2021 has seen his blockchain team grow from zero to dozens.

Matt Finestone said that it is not easy to set up a Blockchain department in such a large organization. He brings together lots of talent and energy from all parts of the company.

Finestone expressed his gratitude for the company’s achievements during his first and a-half years. He expressed gratitude to the company and said that the company would help him get better opportunities. He did not reveal where he would be going, but said that he would continue to work in the blockchain field.

GameStop, the largest video-game retailer in the world, was announced earlier this month that it had signed a partnership agreement with FTX US (“FTX”) in order to be FTX’s preferred partner in the United States.

The video retailer launched a digital wallet at the end of May to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

GameStop Corp. announced Monday, July 31, that it had launched a public beta version (NFT) of its non-fungible token marketplace. This was in response to the downturn in the crypto market.

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