Gaming Platform Azarus to list on Uniswap – onramps multi-million streaming audience to blockchain

San Francisco, USA. 13th December 2022. Chainwire

Azarus In partnership with Animoca Brands The listing will be made public at 7 AM UTC on Wednesday, 12/14/13 (11 PM PST Tuesday, 12/13/13). Uniswap AzaCoin, an ERC-20 token on Ethereum Mainnet that will be listed on Uniswap in January 2023, is being offered.  

Founded in 2018, Azarus has been demonstrating that “streams are not TV” through its highly engaging Overlay Games. Azarus allows streamers to run interactive games on their streams, allowing them to interact in real time with their entire audience. The games are sponsored by brands. Overlay Games has generated more than 4 million hours of watch time and distributed $2 million worth prizes in the form loyalty points that can be used in the Azarus Store.

Azarus has entered a crypto-native rewards programme, which will give millions of loyal players the opportunity to experience true digital ownership. Azarus is upgrading Azarus’ AZA points into a cryptonative token, AzaCoin. AzaCoin holders will be able to own the value they have contributed by their attention and engagement. The AzaCoin is a utility token and governance token that will bring the following ecosystem benefits:

  • AzaCoins for streamers: Instant access to your earnings. Host game sessions using your channel’s community wallet. Vote to engage your community.
  • For Streaming Communities: Gain full ownership of your rewards as AzaCoin is distributed directly to a winner’s crypto wallet offering full control to redeem prizes, bid and buy instantly on streams or to purchase digital assets on the Azarus Marketplace
  • Brands: Run or sponsor games for streamers that use Azarus to promote their brand

As stakeholder incentives align, this creates mutually beneficial opportunities that increase the token’s value.   

“Azarus has been built on blockchain since the early days, with the vision to materialize the true nature of streams as a distributed digital stadium,” said founder Alex Cassassovici. “Listing the AzaCoin today brings us one step closer to this vision, aligning incentives of all stakeholders and giving the fans true ownership of the rewards they collect playing on stream.”

“It’s our belief that Azarus will bring web3 to millions of new users,” wrote Animoca Brands founder Yat Siu. “Since our initial investment, we have been continually impressed at Alex’s leadership in transforming the medium of streaming into web3 that has already rewarded millions of players with millions of dollars. We’re beyond excited for the future of Azarus and are proud investors and partners.” 

AzaCoin holders have the option of stake their tokens for 3 months in exchange for a percentage return. AzaCoin is a governance token that allows viewers to vote on AzaCoins’ usage in the community wallet. This will allow them to have an impact on the life cycle and stream of Azarus games. You can learn more about the token at

Azarus-enabled streams allow viewers to play Azarus Games with their favourite creators. AzaCoins are earned by correctly answering trivia questions. You can view the keynote stream by joining at 7am UTC on Wednesday Dec. 14th Register now to be eligible for AzaCoins, and get information about the token release roadmap. 

About Azarus
Azarus Overlay Games was created by Overlay Games pioneers. This is a new type of casual game that layers over streams. Overlay Games are hugely multiplayer, easy, rewarding, and simple. Azarus is the first platform to allow you to create, distribute and monetize Overlay Games across any stream. Overlay Games bring together massive live audiences, revealing the true nature of streams as an interactive medium, supporting the company’s vision that “Streams are not TV.” 

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