Glassnode Acquires Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tax Platform Accointing.Com

To allow users to keep track of their portfolios, has been acquired by Glassnode, a leading provider of crypto market intelligence.

Glassnode, an on-chain market data intelligence provider, provides traders and investors with market intelligence suites and advanced metrics across crypto-financial and on-chain data. It is delivered through actionable charts.

The following is an extract from the announcementGlassnode and will be integrated in the next months. This will combine both platforms into one.

After the integration is completed, Glassnode customers can access’s services. They can view their portfolio assets across wallets or exchanges. will allow users to access its automated crypto tax compliance reporting and reporting tools. Users will be restricted to using the same login until integration is completed. 

Glassnode is a data provider that has provided accurate analysis of the crypto market. The data provider revealed that July was the top month for crypto market analysis. Cryptocurrency The market has seen two major capitulations so far in 2022.

The market insight provider explained, “2022 has seen Bitcoin markets whether two enormous capitulation events, both with the largest BTC transfer volume in a loss since 2011. The total loss in transfer volume was 538k BTC when LUNA collapsed. This was followed by 480k BTC as the market traded below the 2017 ATH.”

Glassnode explained that in order for a bear to reach its ultimate floor, the loss share should be transferred to the most sensitive price-sensitive and conviction people.

The data provider stated that one of major effects of a long bear market is the redistribution among the remaining stakeholders.

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