Grayscale Investments Files Claim over Ethereum Proof of Work Token after the Merge

Grayscale Investments is a leader in the field of investment management. investment A partner for digital currencies has been selected to distribute Ethereum Proof of Work. (ETHPoW).

The distribution will come following the “Merge’’ as a result of a Fork It will be implemented on September 26, 2022 by the Ethereum blockchain.


According to filingsGrayscale Trust currently owns 3,059,976.06309448 tokens ETHPoW, while Grayscale Fund is estimated to have 40,653.24325763 tokens ETHPoW. These assets, which are both Trust and Fund, have not yet been quantified as they are new to trading.


Grayscale Investments is appointed agent to purchase and sell the Ethereum Proof of Works token for Record Date Shareholders. Grayscale will be able to sell or abandon ETHPoW tokens as it deems appropriate. Grayscale also has the right, in the event that any ETHPoW token is sold, to remit the cash proceeds to Shareholders.


Grayscale might also sell ETHPoW tokens through affiliates. Any affiliate using such sales will receive a commission. The price of ETHPoW tokens can increase or decrease depending on whether an affiliate is used to make the purchase.


Trade of ETHPoW coins is currently not possible due to uncertainties surrounding the acceptance of the tokens by investors and trading platform. Because of these uncertainties, the price of ETHPoW tokens may fluctuate.


Ethereum (ETH) is still in the news after it went through its biggest software update, the Merge. This saw a transition from a Proof-of Work (PoW), into a Proof-of Stake (PoS).PoS) consensus process.


The much-anticipated Merge generated conjecture that active addresses would increase, with weekly social engagement levels rising by 53%. According to CoinMarketCap, however, the Ethereum platform failed to achieve the expected result when it went live during intraday trades.

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