Hard-fork to be Deployed Within 24 Hours of The Merge: Ethereum POW

EthereumPoW, the splinter cryptocurrency of tHe proof of work on the Ethereum blockchain was announced by its plan to launch an hard-fork mechanism Within 24 hours of the Merge

EthereumPoW – the social media account behind ETHW mainnet – has published the plan in a thread detailing it on Twitter.

“The exact launch time will also be announced an hour before launch. This includes everything, including final code, binaries and config files. will be made public when the time’s up,” the Twitter thread said.

The mainnet will begin at the to ensure that the chainID switches successfully to 10001. Block height Use the Merge block “plus” 2048 EMPTY blocs as padding. According to the thread, the chain is also the longest chain in ETHW.

After the update, +2049 will be the first block on ETHW to contain transactions.

“The Merge block + 2049 is the first block of ETHW that may contain transactions. According to the EthereumPoW thread: “Block rewards for empty blocks are directed to the 1559 multisig wallet.”

It was also noted that initial phases of mining would be difficult at 220T or 15 TH/s in terms if hashrate.

The strategy is not clear for everyone. The Block claims that some developers are still puzzled by the fact that the decision to delay code release and to update the chainID was made in the last minute.

A pull request submitted by a Coinbase Distinguished Engineer Software Engineer to GitHub stated that a new chainID hadn’t been submitted. The pull request stated that the use of the same chainID after merge would present a serious risk for replay attacks or double-spend attacks.

According to Decrypt, EthereumPoW is the Proof-of Work driven protocol and the core asset of Chinese crypto miner Chandler Guo. He announced the Hard-fork on Twitter July 27th; THe Hard-fork is a protocol modification The blockchain network can be effectively divided into two branches. One follows the older protocol and the other the new one.

The Ethereum merge will take place on September 15, Upgrades to your software system Its original Proof-of Work-based mechanism has been transformed to a Proof of Stake-based system. The upgrade will make mining operations more sustainable.

The Merge details are still unclear. There is still a lot of confusion. It remains to be seen how exchanges and users will view an ETHW-chain.

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