Jump Crypto to Build New Validator Client for Solana

Jump Crypto, a startup known for its many contributions to the digital currency ecosystem (system redesign, investment, and more) has been forced to shut down by the increasing security breaches on Solana Blockchain Network. set to help The protocol builds a validator client. 

The Solana protocol will be able to regain its status due to this proposed validator client. It is expected to improve efficiency, throughput and reliability. Jump Crypto indicated that the new validator clients will be an addition to the one Solana Labs had created. It will also be written in C++ programming languages.

“The Solana network has seen exponential growth over the last two years, which shows no signs of slowing down,” added Anatoly Yakovenko, Co-Founder of Solana. “By adding more core contributors like Jump Crypto, the network can maintain its status as the best place to build in web3 while scaling to billions of users. I’m excited for Jump’s engineers to bring a new perspective to the network and help improve network resiliency and efficiency.”

Kevin Bowers, Jump Trading’s Chief Science Officer, has been appointed to lead the project, drawing up a team of experienced scientists and engineers that have helped develop complex algorithms, SoftwareNetworks, hardware, and software are all required for one the largest low latency trading networks in the world.

Since Solana has been suffering from recent outages and attacks, it is time to create a new client validator for Solana. Jump Crypto and the Solana Foundation will work together to develop the concept. This is a joint effort that will help Solana be positioned as one of the most reliable and robust smart contract networks.

“Through Jump’s decades of work in solving some of the most complex networking challenges across traditional financial markets, we have seen first-hand the impact that improving a network’s speed and efficiency can have on an entire financial system,” said Kevin Bowers. They were positive about the Solana Validator venture.

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