Lightnet Group Lands $50M to Help Scale Velo Blockchain Protocol

LDA Capital is a global investment firm. committeLightnet Group, a blockchain financial tech startup, has received $50 million. This money will be used to build out its infrastructure.

Startups can choose to receive additional funding of up to $100,000,000 cumulatively over the next three-years.

Lightnet Group will be deploying the massive funding to bolster its “Web 3.0 payment and blockchain ledger-based remittance services focused across the Asia Pacific and globally around the world.”


Lightnet Group has as one of its primary commitments the development of the Blockchain Protocol of Velo Labs Technology.


Warren P. Baker III (Managing Partner and Co-Founder of LDA Capital) stated that Lightnet’s next-generation financial infrastructure and Velo Labs’ disruptive tech will be the future rails to dynamic and regulated markets across Asia, providing financial mobility, inclusion, and financial mobility.


Lightnet Group, while not the only blockchain-based service provider for payment infrastructure services, is determined to establish its niche and offer a unique value proposition. This value proposition includes, amongst others, the plan to create the largest CeDeFi platform across the entire Asian region.


The funding provided by LDA Capital will allow the startup to move closer towards achieving its goal. Lightnet Group will, according to the press release, also use existing licensing to integrate further into major economies across the globe.


“This investment will allow us to grow and expand our infrastructure, which partners can participate in and grow business solutions. Our unique architecture makes the solution accessible and attainable for anyone to adopt the service,” said Tridbodi Arunanondchai, Co-Founder & CEO of Lightnet.


The Lightnet Group’s financial backing is not a unique affair. Many protocols in the Web3.0 space have impressive infrastructural focuses and are receiving support from firms. The latest funding is Secured $45 Million Animoca Brands Japan

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