McDonald’s in Swiss Town Accepts Crypto Payments in BTC & USDT

Multinational fast food chain giant McDonald’s Bitcoin now accepted USDT As payment methods in Lugano (Lugano), the southern Swiss city.

Lugano residents can order food from a digital McDonald’s kiosk, and then pay at the regular check in desk using a mobile app.

This region supports crypto payments in addition to taxes, parking tickets and public services. It also supports student tuition in the community.

The City of Lugano accepted Tether, Bitcoin and LVGA tokens to be legal tender. Local authorities will allow residents to settle annual tax bills and to pay for goods or services in cryptocurrency. They will accept only Bitcoin, USDT and one certain Swiss franc pegged Stablecoin as payment options.

Lugano, an Italian-speaking city in Switzerland, declared in March that it would become the first place in the world to offer cryptocurrency payments. Over 200 businesses and stores are expected to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods or services.

Tether and Lugano have agreed to collaborate in order to make the city an important hub for adoption of blockchain technology across Europe.

McDonald’s in El Salvador has also begun accepting Bitcoin payments. This is after it became the first country to legalize the cryptocurrency on September 7, 2021.

McDonald’s El Salvador customers can now use bitcoin to pay for Big Macs, and other items in the menu at all 19 McDonald’s stores in the country.

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