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ConsenSys issued a revised privacy policy agreement on November 23. ConsenSys has updated its privacy policy agreement to state that MetaMask will begin collecting IP addresses and wallet addresses of customers starting on this date.

ConsenSys, however, who developed the wallet, clarifies the fact that users will not be able to gather their data unless they use the Infura Remote Procedure Call program (RPC), which is included by default with MetaMask.

Since they do not use the service, those who have their own Ethereum node or use third-party RPC providers in conjunction with MetaMask will be exempted under the revised ConsenSys privacy guidelines.

Instead, you will be subject to the conditions set forth by the RPC provider.

ConsenSys states that the information gathered may be shared with affiliates to facilitate business deals or to comply law enforcement requirements regarding Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering. These requirements could be enforced by law enforcement.

MetaMask currently has over 21 million active users per month, making it one of the most popular self custody wallets.

During this, Hayden Adams, who invents the Uniswap protocol was answering questions. He explained that the decentralized exchange doesn’t monitor IPs nor allows third-party tools to access it.

ConsenSys joins other large Web 3 companies like Coinbase, which have started IP collection partly due to the stricter laws in the industry.



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