Michael Saylor Supports Bitcoin as a Valuable Asset in the Digital Space

MicroStrategy Inc. CEO Michael Saylor stated: Bitcoin (BTC) is a better tool for trade compared to the use of other physical instruments.

He spoke about the problems that come with physical commodities, such as stocks and gold, as well as real estate properties. 


According to reports The Australian Crypto Convention. Saylor pointed out the negative effects of owning a property like high taxes. According to Saylor, bitcoin will lower the consumer’s high tax rate. Bitcoin has been so secure for so many years and it is still a secure cryptocurrency 


He spoke out about the limitations of physical commodities and said that no one would rent or lease it to someone who lives in London if they have an African property. If you have a billion Bitcoins, you can lend it or rent it out to anyone in the world.


Saylor pointed out that bitcoin can be transported from one place to another, even a small piece, and can be passed on to children until the fourth generation, which is approximately 250 years. He also made it known that the only product that can’t be taxed is bitcoin.


Bitcoin’s Potentials in the Digital Economy


In a related interview, Saylor said he was clueless about Bitcoin’s potential until 2020 and wasn’t even thinking of investing in it however this view changed when he saw the persuasive wealth of bitcoin to gold. 


According to his analysis, Bitcoin is better than Gold, taking into account government debts, stock derivatives and precious metals.


Michael Saylor says that crypto is the currency of the future and that gold’s return is negligible.


Survey These are the results Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd. revealed that around 10% of the last batch of direct stimul checks on Bitcoin and stocks may be available to US citizens.


Many who view Saylor as a persuasive innovator may be influenced to add funds to Bitcoin upon his prompting.

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