MicroStrategy is Hiring a Bitcoin Developer to Design Enterprise Solutions

MicroStrategy Incorporated is an American company in business intelligence, listed on Nasdaq. put out a call In search of a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineering Engineer. 

The firm is looking for a veteran who will help it in designing enterprise-grade solutions that can help startups looking to integrate Bitcoin solutions with security through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.


“As a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer at MicroStrategy, you will build a Lightning Network-based SaaS platform, providing enterprises with innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and enabling new eCommerce use-cases,” MicroStrategy detailed in its job posting.


MicroStrategy has More than 130,000 units accumulated Bitcoin, since 2020 when it declared Bitcoin as its Treasury Reserve Asset. The company is now in a strong position in the crypto community, providing education and motivation for other institutional-grade investors to adopt digital currencies.


MicroStrategy, the new Bitcoin developer being planned, will also try to establish a reference by creating a Decentralized Finance (DeFi-focused solution). MicroStrategy has created a solution that has been proven to accelerate retail payments. It uses the Lightning Network, which is a layer-2 solution built upon the Bitcoin network.


The new engineer will also contribute to open source code, representing the firm in top-rated Web3.0 initiatives.


MicroStrategy is once again setting the pace for institutional investors who have a stake in digital currencies. With Michael Saylor setting the pace for the company’s Bitcoin embrace, Phong Le is billed to walk in the veteran’s footsteps and establish the firm as the premier digital currency at the top echelon of firms bolstering the general adoption of Bitcoin.

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