New partnership to enable Bitcoin micropayments for content platforms

Crypto has been able to penetrate a wide range of markets over its history, giving users the unique opportunity to micro-monetize.

This type of cryptocurrency integration was developed from play-to-earn games and music streaming. This form of crypto integration was also possible thanks to streaming music. Fountain, a podcasting platform that offers value-for–value, announced a collaboration with ZEBEDEE financial services to offer podcast listeners Bitcoin (BTC). ZEBEDEE allows you to monetize your games and apps. Oscar Merry, creator and chief executive officer at Fountain, described the ability to listen to podcasts and get money for them as a powerful combination.

“When we look back in a few years on paid subscriptions for content platform that aren’t tied to how often we use those platforms, it will be a chuckle-worthy thing.”

Customers can also benefit from the ZEBEDEE relationship without needing to be familiar with cryptocurrency due to the incorporation debit and credit card connections. Merry says such a move brings together a fragmented podcasting market, which currently includes a number of different applications and hosts that are not connected.

He continued to emphasize the fact that every minute spent viewing advertisements and consuming content increases the platform’s value. You should share the financial rewards from the platform’s value.

As developers continue to prioritize usefulness in new protocols, the adoption of new technologies is becoming almost impossible to detect.

Recently, “party-to earnn”, a program that focuses on electronic music, created a currency that festival goers, clubbers and fans can use.



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