NFTs And Crypto Will Benefit From Apple Allowing Third-Party App Stores

Future EU rules will force Apple to allow other app stores and apps without having to go through Apple’s App store. This will be a positive step for crypto app developers.

Apple, the tech giant in Europe is preparing to allow third-party apps to be installed on its devices to meet new anti-monopolistic EU requirements. This could be a major victory for app developers who work on it. cryptocurrencies Non-fungible tokens and fungible tokens


Apple currently has strict rules regarding NFT apps. This basically compels users to make in-app purchase subject to Apple’s 30% Commission. Apps are also not allowed to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Apple’s rules prohibit apps from supporting third party payment systems.


Coinbase claims that Apple implemented its regulation, resulting in the block of Coinbase’s self-custody update to their wallet app on December 1. Coinbase claims this happened because Apple wanted to take thirty percent of the gas expense via in-app sales.

Apple’s decision that it will open its ecosystem to third parties is in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act. This act aims to regulate “gatekeepers” to ensure platforms behave fairly. One of the measures allows third parties to interoperate with the gatekeepers’ own services. The EU’s Digital Markets Act is the reason Apple decided to open its ecosystem. It will go into effect in May 2023 and will be enforced by all companies by the end 2024.


Apple has yet to decide if it will comply with the Act’s provision that allows app developers to use non-Apple-related payment systems within their apps. It may open the way to crypto-payment systems if it does comply.


The tech giant is exploring the possibility of applying security measures to software that isn’t sold in its store.


The EU is the only place where Apple’s closed ecosystem changes would take effect. Similar laws would be needed in other regions, such as the Open App Markets Act proposed by Senators MarshaBlackburn and Richard Blumenthal in the United States Congress. These changes would only be effective in these regions if similar laws were passed.



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