Nigeria Tops in Global Crypto Ownership, With Nearly Half of the Population Being Crypto Users or Owners

Nigeria is the leader in crypto ownership with cryptocurrencies as one of the most innovative technological innovations of our time. according Statista Global Consumer Survey. 

The report says:

“Nigeria leads in global crypto ownership, where 45% of the population, or almost every second person, uses or owns Cryptocurrency.”

The survey surveyed consumers from South America, Asia and Africa. The study also included:

“Thailand ranked in second place, with 44% of the population that used or owned cryptos in the last two years. Turkey follows with 40%, and Argentina and United Arab Emirates round the top five list, with 35% and 34%, respectively.”

Despite the fact that crypto owners in the United States account for 16% of the population, they are three times more than in Nigeria. Therefore, the US is twenty-fifth when it comes to crypto ownership.

India, however, has the most crypto users at 134 million, which is the highest worldwide. Statista recently estimated that there were 257.2 million crypto users globally, denoting 3.2% of the world’s population. This number is expected rise to 293.6million by 2023.

Due to the emergence of trends, Nigeria is gaining attention in crypto.

Blockchain.News reported on a Blockchain.News study that Jack Dorsey’s Block, Inc. found that the nation held the lead in Bitcoin optimism levels at 60%. 

KuCoin’s study also showed that crypto adoption in Nigeria was driven by high inflation and a lack of affordable financial services. 

The KuCoin survey suggested cryptocurrencies were filling the gap in the traditional currency-based market because Nigerians were using them as an alternative for storing and transferring assets.

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