Philcoin Partners with Indacoin to Enhance Blockchain-Powered Charity

Philcoin has signed a deal to improve trust and accountability within the charitable space. Indacoin is an Indacoin-based fiat-tocrypto conversion gateway in Britain.

Jerry Lopez, Philcoin’s CEO and founder, noted that the partnership would be a stepping stone toward changing how giving happens by providing credit and debit cardholders with the chance to instantly purchase its native token, PHL, in at least 180 countries.

Lopez stated:

“We have a user base of over 250,000 people across the world through our app and we expect this number to soar with our new partnership. Imagine how much potential that holds when millions of people can use Philcoin, and its donate-and-earn products, to empower themselves while empowering others.”

The agreement also prompted a seamless integration within Philcoin’s decentralized application called PHILApp, which presents a host of products and features with a donate-and-earn element meant to teach users how to give. 

Its blockchain-based ecosystem allows for the creation of new opportunities. Philcoin seeks to instil confidence in the charity sector by boosting accountability and giving the world’s population living in disadvantaged areas have adequate internet access. 

The philanthropic Blockchain Movement proved that digital giving and global influence prompted reciprocal abundance. 

The report says: 

“Philcoin aims to create the largest global movement of philanthropists. Indacoin’s reach and exposure will help spread the word about Philcoin which, in turn, will help to inspire millions of people to give back.”

Philcoin introduced a staking scheme earlier this year that allows users to donate a part of their earnings within PHILApp to a charity of choice. 

Blockchain.News reported that the staking mechanism was expected help Philcoin to create a global movement for philanthropy by changing how giving occurs. 

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