PolyU 1st in Hong Kong to Offer Metaverse & Blockchain Post-grad Programmes

The September 2023 start date for the postgraduate course at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, PolyU.

It has also become the first university in Hong Kong that launches a postgraduate programme on metaverse technology. This is a win for academic institutions who are trying to stay ahead of new trends such as Web3.

According to the Polytechnic University’s website, the one-year Master of Science in Metaverse Technology programme will be under the engineering faculty’s computing department, costing at least $309,000 HKD (around $40,000) to meet graduation requirements.

The number of students enrolled will determine when the course begins.

On the university’s website it states that “the subject matter offered will depend on availability of teaching resources, and the number students registered.” It states that approval is required for the program.

According to Polytechnic University’s website, the programme aims to give students “an in-depth understanding about the nature of metaverses,” a basic understanding of technology, and the ability to integrate different technologies into metaverse applications. It also focuses on “the vision for metaverse development as an interdisciplinary coevolutionary process.”

The university also offers a Master of Science degree in Blockchain Technology for September 2019. This is, according to the university, the first of its kind.

PolyU claimed that this programme was the first MSc in Blockchain Technology in Hong Kong.

Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of metaverse technology, which allows for an immersive virtual world in which people can interact digitally through digital representations.

Web3 has gained huge popularity, along with the metaverse. It is often referred to as the next generation World Wide Web.

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